1.- Is Villa Star of the Sea Hotel Open?

A: Yes, Villa Star of the Sea is open at 50% capacity unless local and state authorities issue new restrictions. Our onsite restaurant bar, La Sirena Gordita is also open at 25% capacity and social distancing is required

 2.- Will we be allowed to use the pool and beach areas at Villa Star of the Sea ?

A:  Yes. the water in the pool does not represent a risk of contracting the virus, again, social distancing is required.  Regarding the beach area in front of the hotel, it can be used, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed and no other restrictions imposed by local and state authorities in place. The ocean along our stretch of beach should be approached with extreme caution and may pose under tow conditions. The very west end of the beach is a better area for swimming.

3.- What will be the restrictions for guests when staying at Villa Star of the Sea?

A: The use of a face mask will be required upon arriving at Villa Star of the Sea as a part of your PPE equipment (Personal Protection Equipment) Two Masks will be provided upon your arrival, as well as hand sanitizer. The face mask will also have to be used in all public areas. Face masks will also be available for purchase if you need to replace your mask.

-As a guest, your temperature will be taken, as all guests arriving at Villa Star of the Sea and La Sirena Gordita. If your temperature is higher than 99.5° fahrenheit, access will be denied access.

-You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire upon arrival.

-Food and Beverages will be served taking into consideration the sanitization processes and of social distancing set by local and state authorities.
-Our personnel will be wearing masks at all times.

4.- Has Villa Star of the Sea's bar restaurant reduced the number of tables in the restaurant to comply with social distancing guidelines?

A: Yes. The capacity has been reduced to 25% and we will comply with social distancing guidelines separating tables 6 feet from each other. We will comply with all guidelines provided by state and local health authorities in terms of social distancing and capacity guidelines. We will also use mostly outdoor areas and require that all patrons acknowledge that we operate by reservation only and the restaurant bar to a capacity of up to 10 persons.

5.- Have sanitary measures been taken to ensure food preparation is with regards to new sanitary standards?

A: Yes, Our personnel have been trained over the past weeks and have knowledge of  Health Department Guidelines and  the washing and sanitizing of hands on a regular basis.

6.- How are restaurant utensils being disinfected? This includes plates, silverware and glassware used by guests?

A: At La Sirena Gordita we use and protocols established by health authorities, such as washing in industrial dish soap and rinsing utensils in a  chlorine and alcohol solution.

7.- How often will the apartment suites be cleaned?

A: Our staff will not enter a suite during the pandemic, unless it has been vacant for 4 hours at which time a light cleaning, sanitizing, and garbage removal will be conducted, and after 48 hours of a suite vacancy, our staff will enter, change beds, and sanitize the apartment suite for the arrival of new guests.

8.- How are you disinfecting linens, bed spreads and towels in my room?

A: With bio degradable cleaning products in an industrial washing machine at every washing cycle.

9.- Will hotel employees be using face masks and sanitizing products at all times?

A: Yes. Our personnel will be wearing face masks at all times until further notice.