Coco de La Playa

Coco's mother was rescued by Pro Animal Melaque and Adopted by Mike B. Coco was born 1 month after Mike adopted her. Coco had three brothers and sisters and Mike found wonderful homes for all of Miha's puppies.



Hiway was found at the side of the highway 200 between the Municipal Dump and El Aguacate. Approximately 3 months old, very small and under developed, sparse bristly black hair, and very hungry. He came for coffee with us and then to the vet, Andres, at Mi Mascota in Barra de Navidad. De-wormed, de-fleaed, and neutered he found his forever home at Villa Star of the Sea.


Charlie, Ralph, & Tope

We first met Charlie at the vet where Pro Animal Melaque had rescued him and his two brothers were found on the beach after the October 2019 hurricane. A couple of days later Pro Animal Melaque, introduced us to Ralph and Tope and three weeks later they came home with us.



When Pinki was found in the Barra de Navidad Barrio, he had been living on a vacant lot for sometime. He was severely under weight, 1 kilo, severe injuries, including a broken leg, broken ribs, no hair, scabies, mange, and covered in open sores. A local carpenter had stated that he had been abandoned quite awhile ago. He was taken to Andres, the vet, and spent 9 days, repairing his broken little body and not expected to live.


Pro Animal Melaque Website

      The mission of Pro Animal Melaque is to care for at risk and abandoned animals. Their efforts include the rescue of sick, injured, and very young animals, as well as promoting sterilization campaigns and vaccination campaigns. Pro Animal Melaque provides temporary shelter for sick, injured, or very young homeless animals; facilitate placement of animals in permanent homes; promote responsible pet ownership; and denounce the mistreatment and abandonment of pets.

Every person involved in the rescue, care, nurturing and transport of a rescued animal is a selfless volunteer and the efforts of Pro Animal Melaque are made possible through generous donations and designated fundraisers. If you would like to donate in US dollars go to their page, and click the donate button.

PROANIME, A.C. (RFC PRO120224NV4) dba PRO ANIMAL MELAQUE is legally registered Asociacion Civil (NON PROFIT) in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

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In October 2019, a Catagory 1 Hurricane blew through our community leaving many animals orphaned and injured. Pro Animal Melaque sprung into action to deal with the amount of animals in need of urgent care and rescue. This is where we were introduced to Charlie, by a volunteer of Pro Animal Melaque, at Mi Mascota. Mi Mascota in Barra de Navidad, is a veterinary clinic run by Dr. Andres Martin Flores Ordonez, a man with a huge heart and amazing with animals. Charlie, a six week old kitten, orphaned on Playa del Sol, in Melaque as a result of the storm, was raised with Tender Loving Care by members of Pro Animal Melaque. They asked if we knew of anyone who could give him a nice forever home. We said we would take him, when he was ready to be adopted. They also mentioned that Charlie had two other brothers, who we named Ralph, and Tope. Pro Animal Melque is a network of volunteers that put in many hours and love in the work they do. Please support Pro Animal Melaque. For members of the public, returning to Canada or the U.S.A, if you are able to assist in bringing an animal with you that has been adopted out to an American or Canadian destination, as you return to Canada or the United States, with a dog or cat needing to be accompanied to the adopted location airport destination.

Eileen Hoeter

Villa Star of the Sea


Stevie is one of four kittens rescued from a drain pipe in Melaque by Pro Animal Melaque. They were fostered by Sally in Barra, a Pro Animal Melaque volunteer. Stevie found a home with Dawn & Jeanine, who live in Victoria. His new name is Noey. Felicidades!

Dawn & Jeanine

Victoria, British Columbia