Safe Traveling Tips


1. Know before you go.
When it comes to travel restrictions and information like testing requirements or quarantine rules, every destination is different. We recommend researching and getting the lay of the land before you arrive. Check out  for the latest travel updates and requirements for travel to our part of Mexico, at Villa Star of the Sea. Right Click for English. Corona Virus Jalisco.


2. Pack the essentials.
Don’t forget to pack & wear a mask at any touch point such as, inside any public building, in Lounges, at the gate or on board aircraft. While our policy allows guests to not wear a mask while they eat or drink, research has shown mask-wearing is the most effective way to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. Bringing a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer is also probably worth considering, and now TSA allows you to bring even more – one 12 oz. bottle is allowed in your carry-on until further notice. Hand sanitizer should be kept close at hand and is 99.9% effective at killing germs.


3. Get in touch with your airline's touch-free options.
Most airlines have a mobile app, which allows you to buy tickets, retrieve your boarding pass, check-in for flights and print your bag tags all without having to touch the airport kiosk. You can also use the app to pre-order meals on select flights and store your payment preference using your Airlines account so when it comes time to pay for your meal in the air, you can do so touch-free. Due to COVID-19, food & beverage service is still limited to reduce the interactions between flight crews and guests. Confirm this information before flying. Some airlines have removed in flight service until covid is no longer an issue. To see what airlines are currently offering on board visit their website.


4. Breathe easy on flights.
Not only are each of our aircraft cleaned after every flight but every aircraft also recirculates fresh air from outside and through hospital-grade HEPA filters every 2 to 3 minutes keeping the air you breathe germ-free. The HEPA filters remove 99.9% of airborne contaminants. During your flight, fresh air is continuously pulled into the plane from outside, completely refreshing the air on board every few minutes. This system was initially created back in the days when smoking on planes was common.


5. Social Distancing. While experts and science affirms that flying is safe we hope to make guests feel more comfortable. On mainline flights Most airlines limit the number of guests on flights through Jan. 6, 2021, also, providing gate agents with the ability to scan boarding passes from six feet away—if the conditions are just right. And, to better allow for personal distancing, guests board by row numbers in smaller groups from the back to the front. At the airport, you’ll also notice plexiglass shields at multiple touchpoints, including the ticketing and customer service counters, the gate areas and Lounges. And, you’ll likely spot floor decals and signage at check-in as a reminder to stay six feet apart.


6. Most Airlines have In Flight Entertainment. Just look in the entertainment portal for your favorite movie, TV show, or music, breathe deeply and let the stress melt away. Have travel anxiety or aren’t used to flying? There a free app called Fly for All. Designed for first-time flyers, guests traveling with children, unaccompanied minors and those with cognitive and developmental disabilities, including autism, the app will help ease the anxiety of air travel by walking guests through the steps they’ll follow when getting ready to fly. Download it on Apple App Store or Google Play store.


8. Minimize your impact. Even after you land, make sure to wear your mask, sanitize your hands often, refrain from touching your face, refrain from directly touching high-touch areas, banisters, elevator buttons, etc., if you are going to be in public places, wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, shoes and socks, remove and wash your clothes, and shower when you arrive at your destination, and follow safe health practices whenever possible – to minimize the impact on the people and places you fly to!