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We are Jedd and Eileen, owners of Villa Star of the Sea. We are former professionals that spent years in civil service and the film industry, only to find peaceful retirement as hotel owners in a Mexican paradise. This property was born out of a love for Mexican culture, our retirement dreams and a passion for hospitality which led us to create this sanctuary for our guests. During our world travels, we found this beautiful property and knew it was the next chapter to our story. Our oasis was originally created as a quaint bed and breakfast but quickly realized the appeal and demand were so great, we needed to add on. We now offer four apartment style beachside dwellings which can accommodate up to 10 guests. Our onsite restaurant “La Sirena Gordita”/ The Chubby Mermaid offers our guests a unique and award-winning dining experience.

We welcome you to Villa Star of the Sea, Ocean View, Boutique Resort and Spa, near Manzanillo, Mexico. We are located on the Pacific Ocean at 19º 10′ N – 104º 39′ W, on Playa del Coco, Isla Navidad, near Barra de Navidad, on Mexico’s Costalegre, which means “the soul’s resting place”, or “coast of joy” in Spanish. Villa Star of the Sea is a beautiful, relaxing, one-of-a- kind resort where we welcome guests who love to unwind. We have incredible meals with local and international favorites, an ocean view bar, and an incredible ocean view pool deck. Our property is home to a turtle sanctuary where guests can participate in a one-of-a-kind collection, and release experience. Our exclusive, adults-only, non-smoking policy welcomes those who are in need of rest and ensures a relaxing experience for our guests.

boutique resort barra de navidad costalegre

La Sirena Gordita
(The Chubby Mermaid)Tapas & Bar

boutique resort barra de navidad costalegre

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Costalegre is a series of different beaches and bays on the western coastline of the Mexican state of Jalisco in an area located between two other major and well-known tourist centers, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and Manzanillo, Colima.  We have carved out a small piece of the pristine Mexican Costalegre, to create a tropical paradise destination for vacationing, sun-seeking, travelers, looking for the ultimate in rest and relaxation. We are laid back and quiet on the road less traveled. You will likely see more pelicans than people. We are just four kilometers south of one of the largest bays, the bay of Barra de Navidad. From most places in North America, during the high season, you are approximately 8 hours away by air, which means travel in the morning and enjoy a Margarita on the beach in the afternoon, or sit poolside with your favorite beverage andsoft music in the background. With access to a myriad of shops, restaurants, tours, outfitters, fishing, and world class golf in the area.

Villa Star of the Sea is the most exclusive and most private getaway, hosting only 10 guests at a time in one of our four apartment style units. Four in the two-bedroom suite and two in each of the three, one-bedroom suites. These suites have access to their own private swimming pool.


La Sirena Gordita is our onsite tapas bar, open seasonally, operating, mid – November until April 30th. We serve great Margaritas, cold local beer, and some quality wines on hand, as well as a selection of multi-cultural dishes.

Private pool for our guests

Free bikes


Kitchens in each unit

Pure, clean drinking water from an underground river that can be drunk as is (we take that two steps further and we UV and filter it for the safety of our guests, tested before filtering and UV it tests at 99.6% pure), so no need for bottled water.

In-room spa treatments

A turtle sanctuary and release experience on property

Golf and fishing excursions

Local shopping

Restaurant information:

La Sirena Gordita (The Chubby Mermaid) Tapas and Bar is a small, 10 table bar that serves light meals with a selection of fine wines, local beers and Margaritas. With mellow jazz and whale watching, this is the place to be! We are one of the most sought-after spots on Playa del Cocos in Barra de Navidad.


There are approximately 300 days of sun per year as well as an almost a constant 3 to 7 – knot breeze off the ocean and 27º C or 83.6º F average year around temperature, varying by only a few degrees between winter and summer.

Sunrise on June 21st, the longest day of the year is at 06:59 a.m. Sunset is 08:17 pm

Sunrise on Dec 21st, the shortest day of the year is at 07:30 a.m. Sunset is 06:04 pm

Our area is susceptible to hurricanes and hurricane damage, during hurricane season, June to mid – November, and our main road, and electricity are at risk. We are on the grid, but we also generate with solar panels all of our power requirements. In the event of a power failure, we have a backup generator ready to come online.

Sea Turtle Preservation

With the University of Guadalajara Sea Turtle Preservation Project, we have worked with the university for guidance and certification to preserve Sea Turtles, endangered due to human encroachment on their habitat, as well as natural predators, domestic dogs, and human poachers, that would take eggs and turtles for profit. We along with Footprints by the Sea, operate Conservation Program on Playa de Coco in the Navidad Bay area, by collecting Sea Turtle Eggs, and placing them in a protective enclosure for incubation, and after the incubation period, we allow the baby turtles to return to the sea. Villa Star of the Sea, and Footprints by the Sea, on Playa de Coco, collect sea turtle eggs and transplant the original turtle nests on the beaches starting in July, through November, and transplant them to the sanctuary/hatchery areas on the beaches, where they remain until they hatch, approximately forty-five to fifty days later. We are a non-profit operation, receiving no salary, or payment. Donations, and or equipment are welcome. If you have been a patron of La Sirena Gordita Tapas bar, you have contributed to this program and we thank you for your patronage. If you would like to accompany us on an early morning turtle egg expedition, we can accommodate up to two persons, and we travel the beach between 05:50 hrs and return at 07:30 Hrs. For further information about Sea Turtle Preservation, contact the University of Guadalajara.

Our Goal; To Make your stay extremely memorable, leaving you with the feeling that you will be repeating your stay with us again. We hope to see you soon!

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