Welcome to Boutique resort barra de navidad costalegre.

Surrender to an Unforgettable Stay in an Adult only boutique resort Costalegre Mexico.

Villa Star of the Sea Suites is a Boutique Condominium Resort offering Vacation Rentals just 20 minutes west of the Manzanillo International Airport. 

Come and enjoy pristine beaches, ocean views and two beautiful swimming pools (Ion Treated) in our relaxing accommodation.

Boutique resort barra de navidad costalegre

We welcome you to Boutique resort barra de navidad costalegre, Ocean View, Boutique Resort and Spa, near Manzanillo, Mexico. We are located on the Pacific Ocean at 19º 10′ N – 104º 39′ W, on Playa del Coco, Isla Navidad, near Barra de Navidad, on Mexico’s Costalegre, which means “the soul’s resting place”, or “coast of joy” in Spanish. Villa Star of the Sea is a beautiful, relaxing, one-of-a- kind resort where we welcome guests who love to unwind. We have incredible meals with local and international favorites, an ocean view bar, and an incredible ocean view pool deck. Our property is home to a turtle sanctuary where guests can participate in a one-of-a-kind collection, and release experience. Our exclusive, adults-only, non-smoking policy welcomes those who are in need of rest and ensures a relaxing experience for our guests.